Our Route, Tracking and Offshore Updates

In December of 2020 we sailed from the UK to the Canary Islands where we spent the winter exploring all the islands. In May 2021 we sailed from La Palma to Madeira and after a week of hiking and delicious food we set sail towards the Mediterranean where we had an amazing European summer, visiting the Balearics, Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily.

In late October 2021 we set sail from Gibraltar back to Lanzarote where we prepared the last bits for the big trip.

After a few unexpected delays we crossed the Atlantic beginning of January and are currently cruising in the Caribbean. If we plan longer passages, you can track our progress via our Predict Wind Tracking page below. Make sure to check out our written Updates (white boxed text!) that we write when offshore. It’s such a fun feature! 

Update Feb 2023: Tracking is currently deactivated