Whether you are a sailor, a boater, a yacht owner, or just a lover of the ocean and the life it brings, you need to take a look at this blog. Whether a birthday or Christmas is quickly approaching – the pressure to find a gift for all your family members is always high. If you have anyone in your life that loves sailing or is a liveaboard you are in luck. This blog is all about some of the best gifts for people who love sailing, whether you are a sailor, liveaboard, or just someone who loves the ocean:

  • Sailing Gear: from high-quality sailing apparel to the safety gear we have on board.
  • Sailing Experiences: If you’re not in need of a physical something we think gifting experiences to be had together with friends, your better half, or family is the best thing ever!
  • Our curated Camera Gear List of everything we own to capture all the beauty around us and share it with friends, family, and our followers on Social Media.
  • Galley Hacks: all the tools and tricks I use to make my life aboard a little easier
  • Our Underwater Gear: no life on the water without being underwater from time to time!

Since we live in such a small space, the things we do shop for are mostly things we really NEED. So, our list features things we love aboard Adhara, all of which also make great gifts for sailors for various budgets (yourself included). We use all of these products on a daily or weekly basis on our sailboat so literally, everything on here is what we have on board. We earn affiliate commissions on some of the products but this doesn’t affect the price of the product. In fact, we’ve reached out to some of the companies and got you some special deals that we will mention below.


Ok so in this blog you’ll be reading the word “gear” a lot! That’s because, well… we are complete gearheads! Especially when it comes to techy stuff. So, because we’re looking at gifts for sailors we’ll start off with our Sailing Gear!

Let’s look at safety gear. That’s right, you wanna take care of your loved ones and for them to be safe! We use these life jackets from Crewsaver that make for a good gift to your better half, you know… a little encouragement to getting him or her one step closer to your first offshore passage together?


Now, we’re also fans of gifting experiences and if you or your partner are new to sailing and or don’t own your own sailboat, another great gift idea would be a sailing course or a membership at your local sailing club together. You could also charter a small boat and go sailing for the day. We’ve teamed up with a Boat Rental platform that has over 40.000 boats worldwide: from small motorboats, and small sailboats to big yachts and catamarans. You’ll definitely find the right one, whether it’s just for a day or a full week of holiday – get out on the water and make some memories together! Make sure to use our code SAILINGADHARA10 on checkout to save 10% on your booking by clicking this link:

Speaking about experiences, let’s look at our Travel & Sail Guides. Maybe you’re planning to go sailing together, and spend a few weeks in the Mediterranean next summer? Our new Sail & Travel Guides are perfect for anyone traveling by boat or without. After purchase, you’ll get access to a Download Link where you can download a PDF of our guides and instant access from your Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone. All of our guides include a custom Travel Map where we share all our favorite spots and we update it constantly! It’s so easy to use! Stop wasting time doing endless research and start exploring with our Guide and custom Travel Map: They come at a fair price of 4,90€ per Guide. Should you be interested in more than 1 guide you should consider our guide bundles for the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.


I told you 🙂 It’s all about the gear, baby! Now, just because you’re a sailor doesn’t mean you have to be a camera nerd like Jessie but this is included here because we receive so so many messages that all have the same question: What camera are you using? So. Are you struggling to rightfully capture all the beautiful moments and share them with friends, family, or your followers on Social Media? To make things easier and finally once and for all answer this question we’ve created a whole list of our current camera gear on Amazon, which you can find here:

Please note that if you decide to buy any of the products through this link we earn a small referral commission on the sale, this doesn’t affect the retail price that you pay but it supports our adventure a teeny tiny bit, so thank you for that!


Ok so not all of this is really specific to sailors but I promise it will make your life easier on board. I use this stuff daily in our galley and it’s made everything more efficient, and tastier, I use less trash so it’s even made life on board more sustainable. Here’s everything I use in our galley:

Same as above, please note that if you decide to make a purchase through this link we earn a small commission on the sale, this doesn’t affect the retail price of the product but it supports our adventure a teeny tiny bit, so thank you for that!


On long day sails or especially on passages and overnight sails we take turns on our watch system. So while one of us is asleep, the other is in the cockpit, and if you have done that you will know: it gets boring pretty quickly 🙂 So because we wanna stay attentive to our surroundings we wouldn’t watch a movie or read a book to stay entertained (and awake!). But our favorite thing to do is listen to podcasts and audiobooks. Audible is part of Amazon so if you are already a Prime Member you get 2 free audiobooks to start with for $14,95/month, get unlimited access to the Audible Plus Catalog of Audible Originals and podcasts, and no worries – you can cancel anytime: Try Audible for free:

In the US:
Or In Germany and listen to our favorite book of 2022: Boris Hermann – Allein zwischen Himmel und Meer

Another favorite App that we use is called Readly. For a small all-inclusive monthly fee, you can download all issues of your favorite magazines and newspapers onto your smartphone or tablet. This is the most convenient thing while traveling! We have recommended this App to so many friends already, everybody loves it so far! Subscription includes all ya favorites: Yachting World, BOAT International, Yachting Monthly, Yacht, Sail, Conde Nast Traveler, and so many more! It’s so much cheaper than buying all of these magazines individually… it’s really just the coolest thing we found lately! If you follow this link you and we get 1 Month for free:


Last but not least, if you do choose a life on the water you might as well get used to being in or under it from time to time! We haven’t been as active surfing, kiting, and windsurfing as we would have hoped for but we’ve been underwater every single day. You can find most of our gear at and right now there’s early access to seasonal sales on their website


What better way to make sure you follow up on all your sailing dreams than with a beautiful WALL CALENDAR? For the first time ever, we’ve created a Calendar with all our favorite memories from this year. We’ve made sure it’s the best print quality available, the Calendar ships worldwide from the EU with DHL Express!

That’s it guys, if you can think of any other epic sailing gifts, feel free to comment below, I’m still looking for a holiday present for Jan – he’s making my life hard as he keeps telling me he doesn’t need anything 🙂

Thank you for reading this blog. If you like it check out our other blog posts here and follow us on Social Media for more real-time updates!

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