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We are fulfilling our dream to travel around the world on a sailboat. Along the way we want to document our most beautiful finds both on the sea and on land. From the most beautiful hidden coves and beaches, the best anchor spots and dive destinations to breathtaking hikes and cultural sights to delicious food, great wine and the exceptional people we will meet. We love sharing treasures and so we’ve created a bunch of mini- travel guides from all the destinations we’ve sailed to thus far. We hope you love them and find them helpful!

Latest Destinations

Our Route & Latest Position

In December of 2020 we sailed from the UK to the Canary Islands where we spent the winter exploring all the islands. In May 2021 we sailed from La Palma to Madeira and after a week of hiking and delicious food we set sail towards the Mediterranean where we had an amazing European summer, visiting the Balearics, Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily. In late October we’ve set sail from Gibraltar back to Lanzarote where we currently prepare for the Atlantic Crossing.

Track our passages via our Iridium Go Satellite phone. Note: We only turn our Satellite Phone on when on passage, when we’re not on passage but just coastal cruising the Tracking link is deactivated and so it may not show the actual latest position and not really an accurate track of our entire route.